December, Premium Escort in Istanbul: "I Never Disappoint a Man

The beautiful December is one of the Escorts in Istanbul who works at the Istanbul agency. Sweet, elegant and sensual, we talked to her to get to know her better.
Good morning, December! What were the reasons to launch as an Escort in Istanbul?
I decided to start working as a high-end escort about 2 years ago. I was single with many projects, and I needed a good economic fund. I decided from there, to find out a little about this sector, how it worked. I was curious and at the same time a little respectful, it was all new to me and I wanted to be 100% sure of my decision.
 Why did you decide to work with our Istanbul Escort agency?
I got in touch with you through the internet. I saw your agency, I liked its image very much, it had class and elegance and for me it is one of the most important factors. I liked your professionalism when it comes to meeting you: having a personal interview with you in your offices, explaining the operation of the agency step by step and above all you gave me a lot of security.
What aspirations do you have in life?
I am currently studying a career. My idea is to set up a business here for a few years and live on it. In this life it is very important to fight to get what one wants, nobody gives you anything.
What is an Escort Istanbul for you?
A first Istanbul Escorts is an elegant lady, with manners, with elegance and knowing how to be and who knows how to adapt to any situation. It is evident that within those manners, one must also be an open-minded girl and know how to use her woman's weapons, seduction, and speech. I think that a high-class escort must meet many factors to be up to the customer's demand.
 In 10 years? Well the truth is that I see my business, my house, my husband and my children but you never know, in this life you can not make long-term plans because from one day to the next everything can change course but it is always important to have the feet on the ground
What are your hobbies?
I like theater, music, going to dinner, traveling, taking care of myself and surrounding myself with positive people. I play sports to keep myself and occasionally a whim (laughs)
And finally, why should the client choose you?


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