5 Reasons to Travel with a Luxury Company Lady

A young lady of company is characterized by its elegance, discretion and knowing how to be. Authentic ladies who will make you enjoy her excellent company in a public event, at a party or in privacy.
Many executives, CEOs, executives or businessmen spend days and days housed in luxury hotel rooms but with no one to keep them company. His laptop, the iPhone and his suitcase are his usual travel companions.
At Istanbul Hottie, Istanbul Escort agency, we offer escort service of luxury escorts to business trips, congresses, business conventions or fairs.
But what does the accompaniment of an escort on a trip offer? Can you attend a dinner? Do you know how to behave before other men? Is it discreet?
Here we offer you five reasons for the next time you travel with one of our Istanbul Escorts girls.
Our girls are ladies between 20 to 30 years of the highest intellectual level. They combine their work as escort with other professions, among them, secretaries of management, models, image hostesses or university students. And most of them speak at least two languages ​​perfectly. You can talk with them about any topic.
The discretion of our Istanbul Escorts is absolute. No one will suspect at any time that it is a luxury escort. You can present her as your secretary, your partner, a friend or a co-worker. And she will always pay you the utmost attention with good manners, knowing how to be and correctness.
The fact of being accompanied by a woman of great beauty and with a sculptural body will not go unnoticed by the rest of the audience. You will be envy! And besides, it will be with you with whom you share a room!
You can go with her wherever you want. To have a drink, to the theater, to take a walk, to a private party, to a sporting event, to dinner ... She will be with you as long as you want. A few hours, a day, a weekend ... What you need.

And most importantly, enjoy the best company in bed. In addition to what we have said, our ladies are willing to offer you moments full of eroticism and sexuality in bed, in the jacuzzi of the hotel or wherever you want while they are with you.
Do you have a trip soon? Do not you want to travel alone? Do you get bored at congresses where you do not know anyone and you have to be there for hours? Call us on 0096176404729 and tell us which of our company girls you want to accompany you. They will have as much fun as you. You will see how this trip you will never forget.


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